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The importance of accessibility was engrained in his work as an illustrator, and in this session he will explain how else that experience shaped his ideology as well as giving an overview of the work of artists, illustrators and designers that has informed his work and helped to convince him that working within the grey area between fine and applied art is not a bad place to be. Sie wurde in Form eines freien Essays entwickelt und vermischt historische Materialien, u.

Willibald Krain, Die Kabinette, Bl. Chris Dreier und Andreas Seltzer reflektieren heutige Erinnerungskultur am Beispiel der touristischen Aufbereitung des ehemaligen Kriegsschauplatzes Verdun.

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Up to July it consists of the large number of paintings. In the exhibition in Utrecht and also in the accompanying book examples are shown. All paintings are tempera on paper, 18 x 26 cm. The paintings are based on photographs taken by Den Otter himself or from magazines and papers.

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All paintings depict catastrophes. Den Otter has one very concrete criterion for the catastrophe suitable to be part of the series: it should be a combination of human act and nature. The photographs are only a starting point. In the paintings for instance there is no human presence. Human beings depicted in the photographs will be mostly either culprit or victim.

Since in the opinion of Den Otter the World Stress Paintings deal with man in general, and not with particular human beings, he prefers to leave out all human presence. The paintings are classified according to the four elements water, air, earth and fire or to a combination of those. Again these are super-human criteria. Traditionally the physical world consists of these four elements. As he pointed out in the same interview he was raised in a period in which everything seemed possible. It was the heyday of the doable, achievable world.

Instead of victim of calamities, such as extreme rainfall or droughts, man was culprit and guilty, the initiator of climate change. Den Otter sees his series World Stress Paintings as a study on chaos. He believes that there is a natural cycle of violence and reconcilement, of suffering and hope.

In the series he strives to make visible the eternal cycle of chaos and order. Theo de Feyter. Here are a few of the drawings that document the living conditions of the refugees:. Hier hilft die Reflexion. Der Schweizer Christoph Fischer ist mit einer ausdrucksstarken Milieustudie detailreichen Studie des Drogenmilieus am Luzerner Bahnhofsplatz vertreten.

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Martin Panchaud aus Genf macht sich auf eine infografische Entdeckungsreise zu den Speicherquellen des Internet. Eugen U. The website of The Guardian h as two pictorials by British graphic artist George Butler of his sketches on site in Syria. George Butler drawing the scene in the centre of Azaz that appears in the next image photo: G. In seinen Bildersequenzen der modern moral subjects griff er zu Beginn des In this lively street scene illustrator Richard Caton Woodville cached a reference to his collague Melton Prior, the most popular special artist of the era, and whose traditional dress code.

Sie ist spezialisiert auf russisch-sowjetischen Filmgeschichte, insbesonderes auf das Werk Sergej Eisensteins. Der Vortrag findet am Freitag, 4. April , Sein bentvuegelscher Decknamen "Nestelghat" Unruhegeist trifft den anarchischen, quecksilbrigen Kern seiner Kunst. Bramers "Straatwerken" ist im Westfriesischen Museum in Hoorn bis 2. For many reasons this illustrated travelogue full of biting social criticism and intense observations can be regarded as one of the most brilliant achivements in the history of graphic journalism.

The show is curated by Amanda-Jane Doran. The website of Open Society Foundations , a grantmaking operation founded by business magnate George Soros, provides a collection of 14 comic-reports depicting the real life experiences of Somalis in seven cities in Europe. The stories allow readers a unique insight into what everyday life is like as a Somali in Europe.

Meet the Somalis is based on the firsthand testimonies of Somalis in Europe interviewed during six months in The stories were told to journalist Benjamin Dix and drawn by artist Lindsay Pollock. They focus on challenges faced by Somalis in their respective cities in Europe including education, housing, the media, employment, political participation, and identity.

Meet the Somalis depicts experiences many of us will never know, like fleeing a warzone with your children or, worse, leaving your loved ones behind. But more often, they portray the values shared amongst many of us, like the importance of family, well-being, and identity in an ever-changing world. The Anthology is accompanied by the touring multimedia exhibition Attention, work!

Also the latest issue Nr. It has four stories on a theme of Hard Work: Andy Warner returns with a story about sex workers in San Francisco fighting to change their legal status. Emi Gennis takes us back with her historical comic about the Radium Girls of the s. Erik Thurman and Josh Kramer round out the issue with two shorter stories about the hard work of South Korean coffee shops. Is it really like that at the front? The Warrior who has seen terrible things in battle : "Thank heaven, no, Mother. Punch, or the London Charivari, July 31, Beginning with elections to the Russian State Duma, in December , and ending with the third so-called March of the Millions, in September , Victoria Lomasko sketched all the major opposition rallies and protest events in Moscow.

I wanted to understand the different ways of treating this subject. Drawing is an artistic medium that has gained new importance in the wake of the global protest movements in recent years. One particularly exciting new development is artistic reportage using drawings executed directly on location, which capture a wide variety of opinions and concerns and are subsequently published in printed and online media.

Artists can achieve immediateness in their reporting by going to protests in person, becoming involved and creating artistic documents on the spot. They record what they see, feel and hear so that they can post reports online by the next day at the latest. Their protest documentations differ both from the official press photos and film footage and from snapshots taken by the protesters themselves.

Der Tag im Überblick

Enrique Flores, Demonstration against health care reform , The installation is dedicated to the reflection of artistic work in and beyond contemporary protest and also to the symbolic, protest-related and cognitive powers of the art. Die Ausstellung "Drawing Protest" spannt einen Bogen von historischen Reportagezeichnungen mit dem Fokus auf Protest, Krisen, Revolutionen und Kriege hin zu einer Auseinandersetzung mit russischen und spanischen Protesten der Gegenwart.

Lewis Miller was a Pennsylvania German carpenter who witnessed the era of the early American republic, through the civil war, to the Centennial. He traveled through America and Europe, chiefly afoot and mainly en route he created a huge body of textual and graphic work. Lewis Miller, from: D.

Antigonos the One-Eyed and the Creation of the Hellenistic State (Hellenistic Culture and Society)

Shelley: Lewis Miller, Sketches and Chronicles. His biographer Donald A. Shelley claimed that Miller's oeuvre was "one of the greatest and most complete pictorial records of an era ever created by man. Steve Bell analyzes the design of the Conservative party conference in Manchester and sketches David Cameron during his speech. Watch the Guardian-video :. Steve Bell joins the press throng at the annual conference of the Liberal Democrats in Glasgow.

Watch The Guardian-video:. Our September pictorial is provided by draughtsman Xiaopeng Zhou, who will contribute an extensive drawn reportage to the soon-to-be-opened Melton Prior exhibition "The New Flesh". Zhou, born in in Guangzhou, has studied art the the Academy of his hometown until , but is now living in Germany and about to complete his Master exam at Academy of Art Berlin-Weissensee. The pictorial is an excerpt from his part series of reportage drawings created within four weeks — starting from this year's Bayram festivities, the fast breaking at the end of Ramadan — in Turkish and Kurdish butcher shops in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Jahrhundert lieferten.

Into the wood floors of historically significant buildings — for example at the canteen of East Berlin's former Stasi Central — he has carved speculative group portraits of political individuals. The floors are then used as outsized printing blocks producing large prints on canvas. Needless to mention that industrial slaughterhouses have time and again served as metaphorical reservoirs for the description of wars of mass destruction in the 20th century. Beyond this obvious historical reference, "flesh" in this exhibition will be treated as a metaphor for the crisis of material-based history images and the loss of control over one's own body and life.

During Berlin Art Week the space will be open between 2 and 7 p. Die Bilder sind visuelle Dokumente der Geschichte des Landes. Sie beginnt mit Dokumentaraufnahmen aus den Jahren vor dem Sturz der Monarchie und endet mit dem Kampf der amerikanischen Truppen gegen die Taliban im September 19 Uhr Ausstellung vom September bis November Temporary laboratories, interdisciplinary research projects, or self-organizing performances are the fields of activity with which Georg Winter operates in public space.


Winter always prints his motifs in completely homogenous black on transparent paper. Some of them seem to be descriptive diagrams that juxtapose, for example the various technical devices used for a specific project. This deliberately matter-of -fact tone he strikes almost seems to tie into what is a line of tradition that is generally rarely presented within modern letterpress printing. Gegen Ende des Jahrhunderts spielte die Klecksographie als so genannter Rorschachtest eine wichtige Rolle in der Psychoanalyse.

August — Linton in a parody of the famous Mulready envelope. It had been decorated by the painter William Mulready with a representation of Britannia at the centre top, sending out her winged emissaries to all corners of the British Empire.

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  • Old School-Spies. Darin hatte er mit dem ihm eigenen Bildwitz zeichnend die Zeit des rasanten Umbruchs in Berlin um festgehalten. Jahrhunderts, Baden-Baden.

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    Bis 1. Der Workshop versteht sich als kick-off meeting, um neue Forschungsperspektiven zu den illustrierten Magazinen abzustecken. Themen u. Where ever this line crossed a street, square, pond or canal I sat down and painted after nature, always looking in the direction of our apartment. The distance from studio to apartment is almost nine kilometers as the crow flies and has fifty five such virtual crossings.