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Alias name was Albert Wilson. They don't readily tell you who they are when you call. It's a cheap old tactic. They ask you automated of course if you're a returning customer and then they give you the option of connecting to customer service all without identifying themselves. No tears with the shed. I keep getting forwarded 'email' messages from this number and have no idea who is sending these.

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They seem to be more like 'chain letters' than anything else. I have had this number and the one, , call me and some stupid "black" keeps saying Buh Buh Buh It is obviously some warm body that should be locked up. All calls back are either ignored or the stupid "black" warm body makes stupid noises. The next time either number calls, I will press legal charges for harassment. Warm bodies like this should be sterilized to keep them from reproducing clones of themselves.

Sure was a SCAM!. Sales ring. Bought a groupon from them and used it, now they call every day, never leave a message. Assuming they want me to hire them for services. Said no but they keep calling. Also sent me a text message saying 'you better watch your back'. I did not reply as then they know they got through.

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What a pain! Sounds like a bunch of kids doing prank calls. Female answered and said that it was her cousin. Hello, I too have been receiving these calls at my place of employment and on my cell phone. I have opened up a police report with my local authorities as well as contacted my corporate security team I work for a major cell phone carrier. When I spoke with this Johnny Lee guy he tried to force me to pay him and when I said 'Just sue me than' he started yelling at me and hung up. They have now called my fiancee as well.

I didn't know the number so I didn't answer it. I looked up the area code to find this is spammer. These people keep calling my under age daughter everyday I just found out. I will be calling them tomorrow!!!

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I have received calls numerous times from this number Annoyance call, no doubt. Low-life company trying to collect a supposed 'outstanding debt' from capital one. Very ignorant employee who decided to interrogate me and acted completely unprofessional. I've been getting calls for months from this phone number, sometimes even in the middle of the night. I do not know who they are, and they leave no message. Seriously, irritating! I got a call from this number because they were trying to sell me an HBO add on package while it was on special price. This number does not seem to be listed and I always post numbers that call and are not public.

Just got a call from this. No one there at first then said this is Michael from Imperial Bank. I didn't say anything and they kept saying hello. The caller id says cprocessing.

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Probably another CC processor wanting to save me money!!. Didn't sound like a call center in the background. Googled Imperial bank and they are out of country. Definitely a toner scam. They say they will send you a free toner as a 'trial' and then bill you for it later. I got into a yelling match with the woman I spoke with and closed the call by saying that I did some research on their little company and know what they are all about now. Nothing from them since. They called wanting a family member. I wouldn't give them info. Asked who they were.

They said they were 'ELS', calling about a personal matter. I asked to be removed from their call list nd they said they would. GUY called about selling my business beauty salon some diamond cutting tools. He said very popular with construction companies. I told him again that he called a beauty salon and that we don't use that stuff.

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He insisted that we should. I received an unsolicited cell call over the weekend offering health insurance.

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I left my name and number to be called back. Asked a few questions and when I told him that I received his solicitation via cell phone, he abruptly hung up. I don't know who called. I didn't answer cause I was in Mexico at the time but they did not leave a message. QASW [1] idcjkl[1] idc! X[1] gfjg2og[1] gfhjkm[1] gfgfgf[1] gfbsa[1] getulio1[1] gettin[1] getpaid[1] getlost[1] getin1[1] getalife[1] gerrard[1] germany1[1] german[1] geri[1] geri[1] geri [1] geras[1] gerald[1] gepard[1] Georg[1] Georges[1] george1[1] geogeo[1] geoffrey[1] gennaro[1] genetics[1] genesys[1] genesis1[1] general[1] general1[1] gen1[1] geheim[1] geheim[1] geffrey[1] geekadsl[1] geaux[1] Geardog[1] GDLT[1] GDDX[1] gdansby-giles[1] gd[1] gawker[1] gavril[1] gautam[1] gaurav[1] gators[1] gatorade[1] gateway1[1] gateway[1] gary[1] Garret[1] garima[1] gargoyle[1] gardenia[1] garden[1] garcia[1] gaojte[1] ganteng[1] gangster[1] ganggang[1] ganeshji[1] ganesh[1] ganesh[1] gandolfo[1] ganapathy[1] ganapathi[1] game[1] gamedesire[1] gamebean.

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