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Mixing Engineer Ken Lewis. Release Date January 18, The Documentary The Game.

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Intro The Documentary. Westside Story. Hate It or Love It. How We Do. Church for Thugs. Put You on the Game. Start From Scratch. The Documentary. No More Fun and Games. Like Father, Like Son.

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If beer pong isn't the most popular drinking game among universities, then it must come close. It is an essential part of every Erasmus party and for good reason! Because it is a simple game to organise, but it can be very competitive and fun. You only need some empty plastic cups and a ping-pong ball to throw into them. You need to place six cups, half-full with the drink of your choice, at the edge of the table in the same arrangement as they would be in for bowling.

From the other side of the table, you have to try to throw the ball into one of the cups , which your opponent will then have to drink. It gets more fun every turn!

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If you are the host of the party and you have time to plan something, a treasure hunt is one of the most fun group games that you can play. It's about, obviously, finding "treasure" whatever that might be around the house and working out a series of clues that you give to your guests to help them find it.

The good thing about this game is that you can personalise it completely , from the treasure to the clues that you want to give, so it is a good option for a special celebration with friends. If you have a good collection of make-up, this is one of the most fun games to play in a pair. It's very simple: first, make two piles of paper.

On the sheets of paper from one pile, write the steps to follow for a full-face of make-up face, lips, eyelids Fold the sheets of paper so that you cannot see what is written. In turn, each person has to take a piece of paper from each pile and paint the area of the face written on the paper that they picked up with the product written on the other piece of paper for example, paint your eyebrows with highlighter until you have a complete "full-face" of make-up.

10 Fun Pool Games for Kids

You might get a little messy and you'll end up with your face covered in lipstick, but it's a lot of fun! If you're looking for games to play as a family, this is the ideal one. You can buy the official board game, but the home-made version is much cheaper and just as fun : you only need a notebook, some pencils and some pieces of paper.

Card Games

If you have time, you can write on the paper the things that you have to draw the more there are, the better , or you can do it at the same party, with the rest of the guests. In turns, each person chooses a paper and has to try to make the others guess what they have chosen exclusively with their drawings. No talking allowed! Ah, and there is a time limit.

Use a timer on your phone to set the time limit. Card drinking games are, probably, the games that you play with friends that have the most variety possible.

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Although there are hundreds and thousands of different possibilities, here are a few suggestions of fun card games that are not so well known. This is not a game to play in large groups: you need a minimum of four players, but if you are in a group of more than ten, for example, then it could get quite complicated. First of all, you need to establish the " punishment ": basically, what and how much you will make the losers drink.

The cards are shuffled and dealt face down to all players. Every card has its own value later on is a list with the points. The game consists of taking turns putting one or two, or three, of the same number card on the table, and the rest of the players have to throw one card or more of the same value or higher until that nobody can play something higher, at which point a new round begins and a new hand is dealt, starting with the last one that put down a card.

Let's say, for example, that somebody puts down two fives. The next player can only put down two cards if they are of the same or higher value to the five, and if they cannot, they have to miss their turn. The objective is to be the first one without any cards to become the " president ".

5 Simple Game Design Tips to Make your Game More Fun – Learn to Create Games

The second person to get rid of all their cards becomes the " vicepresident ". The rest of the people will simply be neutral, apart from the last player, who will be known as " scum " and the penultimate player, who will be " high-scum ". Why are the names important? The two losers have to drink. Furthermore, in the following game, the "scum" has to give their two best cards to the "president", who will exchange them for the two worst cards they have.

In the same way, the "high-scum" has to give their best card only one to the "vicepresident", who exchanges it for their worst card, to make things more interesting. It seems a little complicated at first but, when you take it easy, it will soon become one of your favorite games for passing the time.

Place the cards face down forming a line or a bridge on the table, leaving the first of all the cards face up. The first person has to say out loud if they think that the next card will be higher or lower in value than the one that is faced up, and then turn it over to check.

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If you're right, you're free, and it's the next person's turn. If you're wrong, you have to drink and repeat your turn! The good thing about card games is that, for the most part, they can be adapted to the number of people in your group: they can easily change from games for large groups to three-person games, and some of them can even be adapted to be played in pairs. If you're on your own Picolo is a mobile app with a free trial version. The app itself will tell you what you have to do, but, in a nutshell, you have to enter the names of all the players that are going to participate and the app will give everyone challenges and rules.

For example, it could order somebody to only talk in rhymes, or make those who don't have a tattoo drink two shots. The only bad thing is that the free version is a bit limited, but there is enough for a night or two with friends! If somebody in your group has opened a bottle of beer or soft drink and you have the bottle lid, you will already have everything you need to play this game. The idea is to sit in a circle, for example around a table. If it falls to the right, the question is said aloud; if it falls backwards, the person who has been asked has to drink, but their secret will not be discovered.

What would you prefer? By the way, now it would be time to ask the person to whom you had given the bottle top a question. You need to have two teams. Everyone puts a plastic cup upside down on the edge of the table, leaving part of the base over the edge. The game consists of each person taking it in turns having to knock the part of the cup that overhangs the table upwards to try to flip the cup the right way up.

Have you ever tried flipping a bottle in the air so that it lands the right way up? It's similar to that. Every member of the team has to take it in turns, and the team that takes the longest has to drink. It will put you on the edge of your seat from the tension! Not every game has to be centred around drinking, right? There are many options of games to play with friends without a focus on alcohol , particularly good for the younger generations. Who hasn't ever played this board game? The good thing is that, nowadays, there is a mountain of versions with different themes , so you can always find the one that you find most entertaining.

The more people, the better.