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Sophie Faguet. Information about Page Insights Data. Did they pass the hemisphere? Yes, there they are!!!

And under the sun exactly, they are now officially in the middle of spring! If the line is imaginary geographical, it is above all a symbol in the imagination of skippers and its passage is a great first for team courbon. On the crew side, the news is reassuring. Renaud has found a position as satisfying as can be a static position in a boat near that long-time. Yves keeps the boat's position with an iron hand while taking care of his brother when needed!

Their strategy in the black pot seems to have paid fruit since, according to their predictions, they have taken over chocolate bet and the gap is reduced with taking the sea, acting for the forest. We will now have to hold on the distance, the descent to bahia is going to be a speed race that should be played by Saturday. Message from the edge Here everything is fine renaud is resting on the bin he is comfortably installed.

We're in the near good, so it's a little bit but we've known worse! The morale of the crew is good, we ate well this afternoon finally at 15 pm! The night has been under a good sign with a beautiful full moon that illuminates almost like in daylight. Well, Captain Renaud will be back in service soon! Kisses to all.

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Yves Yves Translated. Hi Earthlings, This is captain courbon yc talking about his beautiful blue and yellow ship "to each his everest" engaged in the beautiful transat Jacques Vabre Today another lesson of humility for captains. I tell you: The 2 Captains Courbon had just put away the gennaker which was taking dip and the sun on the front beach of the boat and took care of it because the mission on the front deck had been wet.

Suddenly Captain Courbon RC felt a strong pain in the back and immediately lying in the cockpit. Neither one nor two hop the iridium portable in hand captain courbon yc was calling the race doctor to warn him and ask him for advice And here are my friends the earthlings why values such as solidarity, mutual assistance, convincing and cohesion are important values to wear in our life projects.

Allo maman bobo!

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Hello mama boo! News from the edge is not encouraging tonight. On a very ordinary movement, renaud has completely blocked his back. Contacted, the race doctor and the pharmacists on the board gave their instructions to reduce this pain that stopped him from moving in the middle of the afternoon. Renaud will therefore have to be patient before he can move again properly but the administration of the first medicines allowed him to temporarily find a smile. So Yves will multiply the caps in the coming hours: Helmsman, number 1, cook, nurse The boat continues its way to Ecuador.

Both team members are 15th in the ranking tonight, less than 20 miles of chocolate bet. The difficulties of the pot to black seem to be behind them, they should be able to sail more quietly. In their misfortune, they still had the chance to have a small black pot that allowed them to get out quickly. They will now be able to slide to Brazil still by nearly miles. See More. Facebook does not allow the release of audio file, here is the transcription of the vacation with renaud yesterday at 15 pm: " everything is fine!

For the moment we have air, we're happy. We had a very very bad night Ndlr: night from Saturday to Sunday , we really got shake by thunderstorms not possible. Around 22 pm I woke yves to help me because I felt there would be grain to grind and it didn't miss! The storm was hearty: the flood, the wind that turns, the 30 knots.. We had it all. We thought we were a little rid of it, we had a little more quiet but what we didn't see because it was very very black, it was that there was a 2th stormy grain.

This one without lightning. As it was very dark, we were really surprised! We got out of there at 10 am, we were both exhausted, we were both out of the cockpit. That's all we've been through but we got well shake and finally we thought it was a real entry in the pot to the dark! On the carto we hadn't seen this stormy grain at all! Otherwise very happy that yann and Charlie win in imoca. I went on the same water bodies as yann in saint brieuc finally i saw his back board! This is really great! It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Transat Jacques Vabre. As we approach the black pot Tomorrow at noon the team team should make its entrance in the famous black pot. The Black Pot, you can say a lot of things: Familiar: the black pot is a real pot of pus. It is a whole area of very random winds of several hundreds of miles in which the trade winds of the northern hemisphere and those of the southern hemisphere are the result of grains and areas without a breath of air.

Poetic: the ship is the pot of land, the pot in black is the iron pot. Geographical: the pot au noir is a belt of a few hundred kilometers from north to south, of low-pressure areas surrounding the earth near the Ecuador. Yesterday, Yves and renaud finished a counter of Refocus then have started.

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Next, it was and it's always a great slide to the south enjoying for a good time of twenty knots. This is where the boat moves best! They will try an east entrance in the air corridor they spotted so they can then reach bahia at the unbridled the west option brings out in a south wind is more tight.

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They are still 14th in the ranking but the two crews are at their reach. The water is hot but salty We pushed the boat a little more but never getting in the red. We both enjoy the good times that pass. Renaud M gave a course in the wave as the class10 has advantages.

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Very honestly we are sad for the little fish that fail on the bridge at night because it is hard to put them back in the water We are also starting to feel the effects of hot and the lack of fresh water to wash not seen a drop of rain since ouessant! But Renaud has count and counted the water bottles, everything will be fine all the way to Bahia!

Good evening earthlings. Faites vos jeux! Make your games! Play a poker shot, bet everything, make carpet, play all for the whole, play ten against one, go towards and against all Because yes it is well lonely in their group that they go down to Ecuador with a lag is to say the least!

But this unlikely kick of a bluffing might well bear fruit because they have significantly reduced the gap with chocolate bet currently 13th in the ranking. The Crossing of the roads will let us know if they will make this bold bet. Message from the edge last night That's it, we start the approach of the Cape Verde Islands that extend miles from north to south. We should be north of boa island around 21 pm and there will still be miles before the entrance of the convergence zone, about miles thick.

Once this area is over, we'll find the near for miles Cap Vert en vue Ils y sont! Message du bord Pas facile de tenir le grand spi cette nuit. Cape Verde in sight There they are! Cape Verde is now at the end of the bow. It went fast this night in this north wind is about twenty knots. As a courbon doesn't clean his pain, it's the great spi they took out well also a little because they wanted to have it yesterday! Choice that allowed a few knots but not easy to hold.

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While Yves had put the pilot to intervention on the spi pulley which made a strange figure of style with the bastaque under the wind, a little well-devious wave made the boat almost on the slice and what was to happen happened Yves and renaud are still 14th in the ranking currently the mapping false shows a 13th place due to the provisional loss of Leyton's signal. And finally, let's go to the game! Tonight it won't be " look for Charlie " but " look for the dolphin It's good: Focus and improve your vision Message from the edge Not easy to hold the big spi tonight. He went loose during my shift.

But in the heckling I saw my little renaud who took his head out of the cabin and gently asked me " do you need a hand?

Les murs de la promenade BD en détail

Maybe a little bit of fatigue too We came across a lot of flying fish tonight. Surf in Atlantic! Yesterday afternoon and all last night our two sailors were able to taste the joys of boat surfs. In Powerful trade winds, they were able to slide to the top of the waves in a hidden exaltation. Now that the wind has a little bit, they're almost getting away They who thought they were alone in the world Boats continue their progress towards the Cape Verde Islands.

The first class40 have suffered rather strong conditions in this area, their pursuers should be able to sail more safely in knots and a better sea. All are starting to think about their arrival in the so-called black pot that started the redistribution of cards in the imoca. To each his everest maintains its 14th position and managed to dig a gap of more than miles with his direct pursuing e. Message from the edge Yesterday and all this night it's been only of of Anthology!! We had a blast at the stand and now that the wind has molli we are missing! Otherwise we see more and more flying fish that out in front of the bow, there is even one that went over the hull of port to the bow and back and back with a wave and the wind, and very beautiful birds Elegant Flight.

Of the little ones who shave the waves and one who came to me between the mast, the sail and my head We've seen dolphins too, beautiful.