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My favorite holiday dessert is cranberry pie!!

I love the taste of it and I love the memories it gives me. It was my moms favorite dessert and it brings me sweet memories of her. My mom used to make pudin de pan and it was my favorite. I wish I could taste hers right now!!!

Goodness your cake looks delish! My fave Christmas recipe is our over year old recipe from my grans family in Georgia..

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Southern Traditional Red Velvet Cake.. Also various Christmas cookies.

Thanks so much. Oh, forgot to add.. I adore this vintage cake plate.. I love the pineapple ones. I have always wanted to try to make a Dominican Cake, I will be making one for Christmas this year, maybe even two! Give them all to me starting with a piece of this cake, please! Pastries are my favorite holiday dessert.


MOM'S COFFEE CAKE - The Kitchy Kitchen

I especially like cream puffs, eclairs and lobster tails. This cake looks amazing, I love the close up shot showing the texture. Many times I see cakes that look great on blogs but the inside is what really sells it for me. Texture, crumb and moistness are very important.

My favorite holiday dessert is the yummy combo of cherry and chocolate baked with love in a cake topped with fudge frosting and chocolate covered cherries. Whether we baked together while I […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

To Die For Carrot Cake

Save Print. This is my mother's recipe for the best Dominican cake ever - filled with dulce de leche and covered in sweet Italian meringue, you'll fall in love with this cake! My favorite holiday dessert is cranberry cheesecake. My favorite holiday dessert is lemon cake with lemon icing. Oh my, what a day! My favorite is Itaian Cream Cake with lots of pecans and coconut. My favorite holiday dessert is chocolate mousse cake, thank goodness they only come once a year! My favorite holiday dessert is Eggnog Bundt Cake with bourbon glaze!

My favorite holiday dessert is sherry wine cake. I love pie. Sounds simple but oh so good!! Your cake is beautiful! My favorite holiday desert is my spiced cranberry topped New York style cheesecake. My favorite holiday dessert is creamed sherry bundt cake BUT I want this cake!!!

I loooove this apple cake :. If you want to put the apples in first, spray it really well with non-stick spray first. Also, if you get a wild hair as my mom would say with a completely straight face — add a little rum to the apple mix. I have to go bake now.

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I will probably mix them in with the apple and spice mixture myself. Thanks for the recipe! Shannon, half and half is a light cream. I love apple cake especially with some whipped cream. I m in heaven thinking about it only. It is definitely the season for baking with apples. Your cake is beautiful and looks delicious! Wish we could have a tasting party! Apple Cake with Rum Sauce has been a family favorite for years! Rum Sauce is drizzled over the top, and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and that is perfection. This version looks like a great one to try. Microwave butter, milk and sugar minutes until sugar is dissolved.

Add vanilla and rum flavoring. I got this recipe from a friend about 5 years ago. I get so excited when the apples are in season and I can make this cake. It is especially good with hot custard poured over the top. Well I made the cake this evening and I must say it was fantastic.

The cake fit into a spring form pan with a tube insert for the center. I though this cake would billow over and I would be eating out of my oven, but it all stayed in and It puffed up just a bit over the top of the pan so it was really pretty. AND you get to keep cooking the amazing food on this blog! Whoo hoo, LOVE this stuff! This is something that I am positive I can and will make.

Like right now. And it will probably be gone by tonight. Thank you Deb!!! PS you were super cute on Martha that day! This cake is in the oven. I baked it with my six year old after school today, and am planning it for before-dinner snacks tonight. For those who made the cake without a citrus juice, how did it turn out?

I would think that the acid in the orange juice or the buttermilk would be needed to help the baking powder do its job, and the cake might rise less if you used apple juice. I did a post on it tonight. Deb — I love your site and visit it religiously no pun intended today! It has definitely made believers out of non-fruit dessert people, as you mentioned, and whenever I make it I always do so about 2 days in advance and have it sit on the counter to let the flavors come together and moisten further.

We bake it for 1 hr, 15 min. Thanks for all the terrific recipes and inspiration! My mom says she originally found the recipe 40 years ago in a Mazola Corn Oil ad! Love the recipe card.

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I might be disowned for doing that in my family! Now — how about your chopped chicken liver recipe?

Pretty please.